Before Getting a Job

SinBefore you can go to work, you have to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN).  You need it to be able to work in Canada. To get your SIN, you need to apply to Service Canada. You can apply online, but you may prefer to apply in person so that you don't have to send valuable documents in the mail. To find an office near you, click here.

You also need to be aware of certain taxes and deductions that working people have to pay:

Income Tax

All Canadian residents who are old enough to work must file an income tax return each year, whether they earned any money or not. That is the law. If you are working for an employer, a percentage of your pay cheque will be deducted and sent to the federal government to cover the income tax that you owe. If too much is deducted, you will get a refund at the end of the year. If you paid too little, you will have to pay more.  This money helps pay the cost of government services.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

A small part of your pay cheque goes to this plan, so that when you retire you will be able to receive a monthly pension from the federal government.  The amount of pension you receive will vary according to how many years you worked in Canada before retiring and what your salary was.

Employment Insurance (EI)

When you are working, a small percentage of your pay cheque will also be deducted to go into the Employment Insurance Account.  Your employer also contributes to this Account.  This means that if you are ever unemployed for a short time, you may be eligible to receive some of this insurance money while you search for a new job.