What Type of Jobs Can I Fill and Are There Any Fees?

What types of jobs can I fill?

The Pilot is designed to help fill full-time, non-seasonal positions in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) skills level 0AB or C only. NOC D level positions are ineligible under the Pilot. 

For more information about who can apply for the pilot from one of three programs offered, please visit: 


Do I have to pay a fee?

There are no fees payable to the Province for the designation or endorsement process. 

There are fees to be paid to the Federal Government, if the worker you are hiring requires a temporary work permit to begin working prior to receiving their Permanent Residency. This payment is to be made on the Employer Portal. The current cost is $230 CAD per applicant.  There will also be fees associated with the submission of Permanent Residency applications, which are normally paid for by the applicant, however, some employers sometimes choose to assist with these costs. Please see the IRCC Fee list for further information. 

Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism staff are available to assist with any questions employers may have regarding the process - at no cost to the employer.